2018.01.10 ( Wed )

We Will Exhibit A Booth At ASPIRE 2018, Taiwan

Yes, we are exhibiting a stand at ASPIRE in April, from the 13th to the 15th.

Of course, hands-on workshops are available. Please register for a slot as the number of seats is limited.


We look forward to meeting as many embryologists in Taipei as possible because Taipei is such a wonderful city; while it’s got its own distinct and great culture, it so much reminds us of Tokyo!


Therefrom, we hope many more embryologists in Asia will learn the Cryotec Method, the only vitrification method which can achieve 100% survival of embryo and oocytes, as well as ovarian tissues (which is queuing for commercialization), and use it. The reason is clear; each egg is a precious life.

We repeatedly emphasize that the last egg must be savedーand therefore the survival rate must be always 100%ーbecause those most vulnerable eggs are usually eggs of those patients who really are in need of in vitro fertilization at their best timing. We believe that when those last and most vulnerable eggs are saved, the world will be full of love and hope. We hope to see you in Taiwan.



For a hands-on workshop, please register here.